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“I got pictures with 10 Xfinity and 31 cup drivers (including the Australian Supercar drivers). I even got a pic with Mike Joy and WNBA MVP Kelsey Plum who was the Grand Marshall for the race at Sonoma. For the Xfinity race, I thought they might not let us onto the grid before the race because of the rule change earlier this year but at Sonoma they let the VIP pass people down to the grid before the race which was pretty cool to be right there seeing the drivers with their cars. I was able to get a picture with Hailie by her car (I’m a Larson and Deegan fan). For me, that picture was worth signing up for your fan-sponsorship package all by itself. Anyone can meet their favorite driver in their street clothes at a sponsor appearance, but to be able to get a pic with the driver in their firesuit, by their car, on the grid….WOW! The experience of meeting all these the drivers, seeing the action from pit road, and seeing the cars up close was more than I could ever ask for. I will definitely do this again. Thanks for making this possible, Jen!”

Gary U.

Thank you for the amazing fan experience this past weekend at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. I’ve had a hot pass a few times from different folks, but Jen’s Fan Package was by far was the most enjoyable one I have had.

This was also my wife’s first Nascar race of any kind and she completely enjoyed everything. We talked on the drive home and definitely will be doing this again with Jen for races in the future.

Getting to sit on the pit box was probably the highlight of my weekend. The view, sounds etc was nothing like I’ve experienced before”

Hallie I.

“I seriously didn’t believe how much fun I was going to have. Jen told me it would be awesome so I gave her fan sponsorship program a try…That was 5 years ago and I’ve been signing up ever since! It is the ultimate way to experience a race and the only way I’ll go now! Thanks so much Jen, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate everything you do for us fans!”

Ryan K.

“Jen provides an affordable way to get close to the stars and cars of our favorite sport!”

Cory B.

“Becoming a fan sponsor was life changing! Having “behind the scenes” access to the biggest names in racing, meeting legends of the sport, and being in the middle of the spirit and energy in the garage is an experience for all TRUE race fans. Through our numerous fan sponsorship experiences I have had mind blowing adventures: standing on pit road with a team during the national anthem, hanging out with The King, Richard Petty, on top of his hauler during the race, I’ve walked side by side with Dale Jr. on the way to the media center, and so very much more. I have memories, and amazing photos, that will last a lifetime!”

Rachel & Shaun O.

“Greatest time of my life and Thank You Jen for the opportunity to share the experience with some of my friends.”

Mike S.

“I’ve purchased fan sponsorships from Infield Jen three times and will buy them again. The thrill of seeing my name on a Cup car is wonderful. She is a busy lady, but always sets aside time to visit with us. The experience of being in the garage and on pit road during practice/qualifying/races is indescribable! The excitement of watching a pit stop from feet away, the chance to watch your favorite driver up close, the thrill of seeing cars come and go from garages during practice and watching teams work on the cars…it has to be experienced at least once by NASCAR fans. Infield Jen provides a rare opportunity to the NASCAR fan that is normally given only to sponsors and friends or family of team members. The memories I’ve made are cherished. The photo album I’ve put together is something I treasure. Front and center are pictures of me not only with the car and driver I helped sponsor, but also of me with a few NASCAR Hall of Famers I saw around the garage and (when they weren’t busy) asked for a photo.”

Debbi A.

“Infield Jen’s Fan Sponsorship Program is awesome!!!! The experience of being in the garage and seeing what goes into a race weekend really gives you a new appreciation for the sport. It’s really nice to get to talk to the crew members, drivers and broadcast members. I’ve gotten to meet people and see things I never thought I would. I’m a repeat fan sponsor and I plan on being a fan sponsor for a long time!”

Rob J.

“Thank you Infield Jen. Without you, our Neck Device Company would not have been noticed in the world Motorsport Industry. Kind Regards. 

Paul Cleveland

Founder and Managing Director, Brase Yourself

“I really love what you do for the sport. It helps fans see what goes on behind the scenes and show how people are passionate about racing. Like one big family something that I think everyone should try. To me its what racing is all about. The sounds of the engines and the adrenaline rush!”

Arthur P.

“Been a fan sponsor for some years now, best choice for any race fan that wants to get close to the action! Last year at Homestead we had a blast, as always you were great and we felt like family with the team!! Love being in the pits during racing and this year we got to sit on the pit-box. We will be sponsors again this year! Keep up the great work Jen!!!” 

Russ S.

“This will be my 4th year participating in the Fan Sponsorship. It has been a great way to take my involvement in NASCAR from spectator role to participant! Instead of watching a race the Fan Sponsorship provides a unique opportunity to be a part of the race! From watching from the action in the garage, my name on a Cup car, meeting my favorite drivers and watching the racing action from pit road it allows me to be a part of NASCAR! I highly recommend Fan Sponsorship to anyone who wants to elevate their involvement in NASCAR! Thank you again!

Turner E.

“Want to experience a NASCAR racing weekend like never before? If so, then sign up for Infield Jen’s Fan Sponsorship Program. I had the best race weekends of my life when I got involved. I got to meet many drivers, team personnel, and NASCAR officials. I had access to the garages, paddock, pit lane, and I got to be on the track with the cars and drivers during the pre-race activities. My favorite part is I got to hang out with my favorite driver, Danica Patrick. I know I will be signing up again. Thanks Jen, for putting together such a great program and I am proud to have been a part of it.” 

Chad B.

“I purchased a Red Package from Infield Jen for the Chicagoland Speedway Race. Not only was the weekend awesome, everyone on the team made me feel welcome and it was a blast to hang out with them. They answered any questions that I had. I was treated like I was part of the race team. I will do this again. THANK YOU JEN.

Chris L.