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Daytona Speedweeks are Coming!

Will WE be Ready?  Will YOU be Ready?


Whether you are a Super Fan or an avid fan of NASCAR, you know the 2019 season is only weeks away! I’m sure you are also aware that this has been the Silliest Season we have ever had! Usually the ‘Silly Season’ is only a couple of months long and ends before the actual season does… Well not this year! It started early in 2018 and it’s STILL going on!


Usually this pertains to drivers making team changes for the following year and sponsors signing up well in advance for the following year. The off season is usually spent building cars/trucks and getting ready for Daytona! Typically, my phone is usually blazing in the off season with crew members contacting me who are looking for new opportunities and team owners contacting me to see who is looking! For the past several years, pairing tons on people up has been my past time and it kept me really busy..which was a nice thing! Well that’s not the case this year! Everything has been relatively quiet due to the silly season extension. When drivers are losing rides in January and championship capable teams are shutting down before the season even starts, it just puts more people out of work and a lot more worry those trying to feed their families. This is a real peek into the un-glamorous life of a racer (driver, team owner or crew member) that you won’t see covered on TV.

So what can be done about it? No one has that answer right now and it’s really a scary thing to go through. Personally, Brian and I are also going through this and I can tell you first hand how NOT fun it is. Somehow, thankfully, we always managed to bounce back and have jobs by February. Keeping an optimistic outlook always helps but when you have all the current uncertainties going on as they are now, an optimistic mind may not be enough. But we will keep going and keep making phone calls and change as the sport changes because like so many of us who live, eat, breath and sleep racing its all we know how to do but boy oh boy it’s not going to be easy. Wish us some luck..our dogs are depending on us! 

Either way we are eagerly awaiting the season opener and can’t wait to get back to the garages to hear the roar of the engines and the non mistakable smell of that Sunoco fuel!

Now I want to hear from YOU! What are YOU most looking forward to and what are your thoughts on everything that has happened since the 2018 Silly Season began? I’d love to hear what YOU have to say and what YOU will be doing for the upcoming speed-weeks at the most famous track on the circuit…DAYTONA!!!! Feel free to share your comments below…GO!