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I had the absolute pleasure of attending Team Penske’s 50th Anniversary Celebration on Wednesday, January 20th, 2016 with Brian Keselowski. We had an amazing evening at the NASCAR Hall of Fame where the event took place. Upon arrival, we checked our coats and headed into the cocktail hour where Mr. Penske himself was welcoming and mingling with all the guests. He came over to Brian and I to say thank you for coming and we both said No thank you for the invitation! LOL I wanted to snap a pic with him but he was so busy, so I’ll wait for the next time I see him which hopefully won’t be long off.


Brian and I spoke with other guests in attendance, people in the industry, other competitors we know etc. as I sipped on some chardonnay,,which was very good! As we walked around the main room of the NASCAR Hall of Fame, I snapped pictures of all the Team Penske race cars, driver uniform displays etc which are all posted below. It was the first time in NASCAR Hall of Fame history that Indy cars were display which was a topic of discussion among many in attendance. 

One of the highlights of my evening was getting to meet Mr. Jay Leno! I knew on the invitation it said there would be entertainment but I never would have guessed it to be the legend of late night TV. I had to get a pic with him…which I did! I tried to introduce him to Brian but Brian had started talking with a buddy of his across the room. I had been on my way to get us another beverage when I had the chance to meet Mr. Leno. HOW COOL!! 


Shortly after, Mr. Winston Kelly of the NASCAR Hall of Fame,brought Mr. Penske up to the podium to give a few words where he thanked everyone again for coming and acknowledged his drivers accomplishments to the organization. Then we all made the trip up glory road to the great room for dinner and the rest of the evening.


As always, the food they served was fantastic and the plating was very pretty. They served filet mignon with baked chicken, asparagus & baby carrots. The desert plate was just as pretty with a piece of cheesecake, a piece of vanilla cake, a piece of chocolate cake, whipped cream, blueberries and a raspberry on top. Since I don’t get along with sugar, Brian got a double dose! LOL 


After dinner, Roger Penske came out on stage and gave a great speech about his life, his organization and his experiences. Eight Penske drivers (former and current) came out on stage and spoke candidly about their experiences with the organization and each one sincerely thanked Roger Penske for his influence on their career. 


Videos on the big screens followed several speeches depicting the Team Penske history. It was beautifully done and told the Penske story perfectly. I am so glad I had the opportunity to experience this evening which gave me a whole new respect for someone I already held in high regards. Mr. Penske is a remarkable man and has touched the lives of so many in the racing industry and made them who they are today. There are not many people in this world capable of accomplishments to that caliber but Mr. Penske set the bar for those who have done just that!

Cheers to another 50+ years for the Team Penske Organization!


Here are the pictures I took of my experience at the Team Penske 50th Anniversary Celebration 

 Wednesday, January 20th, 2016