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The Goodyear 2016 Tire Test and 2017 NASCAR Contract Renewal



news-media-sportsThe Goodyear 2016 Tire Test and

2017 NASCAR Contract Renewal


Image result for Goodyear nascarGoodyear, one of the country’s most reputable tire manufacturers, has just completed testing a new product aimed at improving car performance in drag races. The company has certainly done a commendable job, or at least that is what the test results show. It identified a problem that was troubling cars during drag races, and took action to help fix it. Greg Stucker, the Director of Racing Tire Sales and Marketing for Goodyear was certainly impressed by the results. Goodyear is convinced that this will help iron out any NASCAR odds and minor issues they have in order to have a long lasting profitable relationship.

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Goodyear set out to improve the grip that racing cars have on the track. The company hoped that increasing the amount of rubber on the track would help keep the problem in check. And that is exactly what they did. However, the problem could easily be dealt with on most other surfaces, save for concrete surfaces. After a while, the effectiveness of the rubber on concrete surfaces would drastically reduce much to the consternation of drivers. So Goodyear came up with a product that would combat this problem, and particularly the issue of grating that occurred especially on the left side.


Image result for GoodyearThe Goodyear idea was tested in Martinsville for two days- on the 4th and 5th of October. This year, there were 15 lead changes, 10 of which occurred during green racing. There were also only 5 cautions, and just two single car accidents. One accident occurred because of engine failure while two were as a result of debris. This is remarkable improvement considering the fact that in 2015 there were a solid 18 cautions and 21 lead challenges. On 17th October, another test of the tires was conducted on the Kansas Speedway. Stucker quipped that there is not much difference from what deduced from the Martinsville tests. However, with constant improvement, Goodyear is confident that things will be far much better in 2017.There is yet another testing that is scheduled to take place in Las Vegas early next year in preparation for the new season.

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Thanks to the great work that it is carrying out, Goodyear has found itself in the limelight. Together with NASCAR, they are seeking the best way to showcase the results of their combined efforts. Social media and TV are obviously some of the best platforms to get their message across, but a lot of work goes into using them successfully. The two companies have been in business since 1954 and neither of them expects that to change any time soon. Rumors abound that the relationship between the two is shaky, but that is about all that they are- mere rumors. It is however true that the contract between Goodyear and NASCAR will expire near the end of 2017, but there is no reason why it shouldn’t be renewed. Goodyear executives insist that there are really no differences between the two companies that cannot be solved; just the usual business talks. And they are also quick to dispel the rumor that NASCAR is looking to hire a new tire making company. As far as they are concerned, they can only move forward with NASCAR and nothing more.


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