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My Plans for the 2017 Race Season as of 2/11/2017


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My Plans for the 2017 Race Season

as of 2.11.17


Hey Everyone! Thanks for stopping by to read about my 2017 race season plans….3 days ago I could say I was ready to go and really looking forward to kicking off the season at Daytona with JD Motorsports but unfortunately, I received a text from Johnny Davis saying he was sorry but due to lack of funds he will not be able to afford to have 2 PR people at the track so he had to lay me off.

Image result for Sad faceI was upset and saddened to receive the news but I totally understand his position and situation. I have been there before when Brian and I had to lay people off when we didn’t have the funds to pay them any longer. It wasn’t because we wanted to let them go but we had no choice. So I fully understand and accept what happened but the fact remains that I am now seriously looking for a job with another team/media outlet within the sport. 

Image result for Race Fans RockNow, I don’t want you to think that I will be totally out of it! I’ve never given up and I’m not about to do that now! My ‘Infield Jen’ brand will continue on as usual and I will still post as many team press releases, news and fun facts on this website and social media just as I did last year. I am diligently reaching out to other media outlets to connect with them about several ideas I have to push things in a new exciting direction. If all works out I will be able to really live up to my name and connect race fans with their favorite drivers in ways I have never been able to do before! 

So, stay tuned, keep checking back right here on for new developments with my projects. I really enjoyed working with individual teams over the years while using my ‘Infield Jen’ brand to give them added exposure and implement new programs within their organization. I enjoyed interacting with different sponsors and was thrilled when they said I provided them with a great experience that lead them to come back and sponsor the team the following year. I know I can do that again given the opportunity with another team. Hopefully that opportunity comes sooner rather than later! 

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If YOU or anyone YOU know is in need of a Public Relations Specialist please let me know! I’m ready for 2017!

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