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Ramona’s Ride Around Pocono Raceway & My Flag Throwing Experience!

My Drive Around Pocono Raceway

My Ride Around Pocono Raceway & My Flag Throwing Experience!

Getting ready to throw the green flag at Pocono raceway for 2012 NASCAR Sprint Cup!

Hi Race Fans. I’m Ramona Lyckowski and my home track is Pocono Raceway……..The first thing I’d like to say is that Pocono Raceway is one of the most fan friendliest of the tracks. I’ve been attending since 2001 and I’m a Jeff Gordon fan. I was one of 22 people chosen to throw the flag for qualifying. It was always something I wanted to do. I threw the flag in honor of my sister who passed to cancer and left all 8 of her children behind. She was only 43 so it was a special moment for me. I was excited and a bit nervous. I would watch videos of flag throwing lol I know it sounds funny but I wanted to do a good job. I also did a ride around at the Pocono Raceway. I wanted to win the ticket off the radio station so bad. I was at work and asked my boss if i could take my lunch because the radio station is giving away a ride around. Not worried about eating when i got the go to call and try to win the d.j. answers the phone and said I was the right caller. The station asked me to pick a NASCAR driver to play along in the game. I told them I was a Gordon fan but let me pick my husband’s driver. So in the background you hear the start of the Daytona 500 and hear the commentators talking about who’s in the lead and they said and TONY STEWART WINS! I was thrilled and excited. Only thing it was January and ya had to wait till July to do the ride around. Well July finally came and it was a beautiful sunny hot day at Pocono. Imagine that at Pocono. We are used to the rain delays so always bring extra gear. lol I had my husband and my kids there to watch and video record. It was awesome. Talk about an adrenaline high. I told the driver I want him to go as fast as he can and to get as closest to the wall too. Even told him it would be kewl to even crash to experience what a driver really sees and feels when involved in a wreck. Driver prob thought who’s this nut case. Hey they ask how bad do you have it right lol… was a ride of a lifetime. Especially when some other cars came on the track too. Made it more exciting. Now I wanna drive the car. I taught myself to drive a stick shift so I have an idea to get the car going. Some women don’t know how to drive a stick. So ya both the flag throwing and the ride around was two of the things I wanted to do in my lifetime being a NASCAR fan even if I am a Jeff Gordon fan. YOU WILL BE MISSED JEFF AND ENJOY YOUR RETIREMENT WITH YOUR FAMILY. GOD BLESS.
Ramona Lyckowski



Jeff You Better Make the Chase!